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Our Services


Support Coordination

It's more than just linking and monitoring. Our Support Coordinators will walk alongside you, to assist and support you.

We will help you to engage with service providers,
ensuring you always have choice and control.

Once you have engaged with the providers, you will be assisted to monitor your funding and contracts and to make changes as needed.

We will:

  • Help you to link with and set up services with providers of your choice

  • Ensure you understand your Service Agreements before you sign them

  • Help you to understand and use the NDIS portal to monitor your funding

  • Link you with mainstream and community services not funded through your plan

  • Provide contact details for advocates at your request

  • Support you to request a review of your plan if it is needed.

  • Support you with making your goals for your next plan.

  • Gather information from services so we can provide a comprehensive report for the NDIS to use at your review meeting.

  • Support you at your review meeting if you would like us there.

These points are the key to us helping you build your confidence and skills in understanding what your funding is all about and how you can effectively manage your NDIS plan.

Just remember, we will maintain contact with you throughout your plan – we are here to support you as you need.


Short Term, Medium Term and Respite Accommodation

So, you need a break? We welcome you to your home away from home.

You can have a restful and relaxing time, or you can engage with the community if you wish.  We can support to maintain your appointments, go to the shops, or something else of your choosing.

You will have access to Netflix and Stan, with free internet and extensive movies and music, as well as a great library to choose from. You will be supported with 24/7 care by professional, experienced, warm and caring staff. We will assist you with a care plan to ensure your health and safety needs are met.

In your medium sized bedroom, you will have a luxurious king single bed, fully adjustable for extra comfort. We can support you to go fishing, dancing or to the movies – just let us know so we can work towards this with you. DCMS can tailor the respite to suit your needs.

This is more than your typical Short Term Accommodation/Respite – this is a personalised experience!

This is about you!

mental-health (1)

Recovery Coach

Need help to engage with others in your community, having difficulty finding and connecting with services?

One of our recovery coaches can help you to implement your plan, link you with services and supports, and help you to monitor your funding. You will be supported to link with clinical mental health services and other community, mainstream and other government services to help build your capacity and independence.

Your recovery coach will assist you in building relationships and support you to develop your recovery plan - working towards your goals, strengths and how to face any barriers that might be experienced along the way. 

Our team is highly experienced in supporting with, but not limited to:

  • anxiety and depression

  • dementia

  • suicide prevention

  • schizophrenia

  • bipolar

  • psychosis

  • personality disorders

  • AOD

  • forensic mental health orders

  • trauma related illnesses.

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